About Us

As a trustworthy Business Partner of SMEs in Singapore, IGS has been assisting the SMEs in Singapore for overseas market expansion and productivity improvement through utilizing eCommerce services and solutions. We are the first official Alibaba.com Global Service Partner for Singapore and Myanmar and the Global Products and Services provider for AliCloud. We manage the largest IT operational support team in the South East Asia (SEA) and provide multi-faceted IT services to our world-class clients.

Four major business areas include:

yese-Commerce & Web Development: cross border e-Commerce services, B2B, B2C platform services

yesCloud-based ERP Solutions: ERP Cloud hosting, ERP for e-Commerce Integration, ERP for retail (POS), ERP for trade business

yesSoftware Development: tailor-made software development based on web, Android & IOS

yesData Recovery & Computer Forensics: Full coverage of services include e-recovery, audio forensics, video forensics, mobile forensics etc

History & Development

2009: IGS is officially established at the Innovation Centre in the heart of Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Campus with the team whom focusing on Embedded System Development and Industrial solutions.

2010: IGS supports Singapore public transport operators as their solution providers for system fault finding, embedded system development, PCB troubleshooting and refurbishment, and components sourcing.

2011: IGS establishes Information Technology operation in Myanmar focusing on IT infrastructure, IT operation, Software development, and Web development (Website, eCommerce site, Search Engine Optimization etc.).

2011: IGS extends its support to the world class clients as their back-end IT operator.

2012: IGS incorporates its international joint venture in China focusing mobile application development, social media, and digital marketing activities.

2?012: IGS sets up the 1st private Tier 1 to 3 datacentre in Myanmar.

2013: IGS is appointed as the IT supporting partner for the 2013 Myanmar SEA Games.

2014: IGS and Information Development Co., Ltd (the Japanese listed company) incorporate the international joint venture – Infinity Information Development (iID) in Myanmar focusing on IT academy and IT staffing for the local and Japanese corporations.

2015: IGS runs the biggest IT operation in Yangon (Myanmar) with near 300 IT staffs. It will continue to support your needs and grow strategically.

2015: IGS becomes the first official Global Service Partner for Alibaba.com in Singapore and Myanmar.

2016: IGS becomes AliCloud Products and Services provider and officially launches the AliCloud Hosting site.

2016: IGS becomes one of the first batch Alibaba Global Service Vendors and offers the Alibaba.com related products and services globally.

2016: IGS grows the operation team in Myanmar to 400 staffs, therefore it maintains the leading position of IT operational support in the South East Asia.

Our Vision

To be the leading Internet Service Provider that creates values for our Clients and Society.

Our Mission

To assist the SMEs in Singapore for overseas market expansion and productivity improvement through utilising eCommerce Services and Solutions.

Our Values

  • Customer centric
  • Creative & Innovative
  • Cost effective
  • Competent
  • Community engagement

Our Clients & Partners