IGS Image Directory Structures


IGS images can be configured to use following open source applications. We are preparing a complete set of technical manuals to guide you on how to use our images.

This article will help you to understand the file system structures in IGS images.

# Web # DB # PHP
nginx_version=1.10.1 mysql_5_7_version=5.7.15 php_7_version=7.0.11
tengine_version=2.1.1 mysql_5_6_version=5.6.33 php_6_version=5.6.26
openresty_version= mysql_5_5_version=5.5.52 php_5_version=5.5.38
apache_4_version=2.4.23 mariadb_10_1_version=10.1.17 php_4_version=5.4.45
apache_2_version=2.2.31 mariadb_10_0_version=10.0.26 php_3_version=5.3.29
tomcat_8_version=8.0.30 mariadb_5_5_version=5.5.52
tomcat_7_version=7.0.69 percona_5_7_version=5.7.14-7
tomcat_6_version=6.0.45 percona_5_6_version=5.6.32-78.0
# JDK # jemalloc & tcmalloc # Pure-FTPd
jdk_8_version=1.8.0_102 jemalloc_version=4.2.1 pureftpd_version=1.0.43
jdk_7_version=1.7.0_80 tcmalloc_version=2.5
# Redis # Memcached # phpMyAdmin
redis_version=3.2.3 memcached_version=1.4.31 phpMyAdmin_version=

Application Installation Directories

Nginx install directory :               /usr/local/nginx

Nginx Configuration File:            /usr/local/nginx/conf/nginx.conf

Nginx logs:                                 /data/wwwlogs/error_nginx.log

Apache install directory:             /usr/local/apache

Database install directory:         /usr/local/mysql

Database data directory:           /data/mysql

Database Configuration File:     /etc/my.cnf

PHP install directory:                 /usr/local/php

PHP Configuration Path:           /usr/local/php/etc

PHP Configuration File:             /usr/local/php/etc/php.ini

PHP Additional .ini File:             /usr/local/php/etc/php.d

Web Context document root:    /data/wwwroot/default

Opcache Control Panel url:      http://IP_address/ocp.php

Web page index url:                                  http://IP_address

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