IGS Odoo Image Startup Guide


Odoo is a business application including Sales, CRM, Project Management, Warehouse management, Finanicial management, Human Resources and more – that can be deployed with one click. It is easy to install, learn, user and customize.

Installed Components

(1) Odoo 9.0

(2) PostgreSQL 9.3.13

(3) Python 2.7

How to access the instance

For accessing odoo instance:

(1) Go to  browser

(2) Enter IP address of server instance to access the odoo image (http:// IP_address)

Default User name and Password

Odoo administrator user and password user  :  [email protected]

password  :   AT3YEZLq9yQMhfVw

Postgresql user and password for Odoo user  :  odoo

password  :  odoo

Odoo database admin master password Refer to /etc/odoo-server.conf


Odoo Configuration File

Odoo configuration file /etc/odoo-server.conf
Odoo Log file /var/log/odoo/odoo-server.log
Odoo custom addons path /odoo/custom/addons
Odoo init file /etc/init.d/odoo-server


General Configuration on Odoo Community Version

(1) Change Company Logo and Info

Go to Setting menu > General Setting > Configure your company data


Go to Contacts  menu > click Your Company > and  change the data

(2) Change administrator user name and password

Go to Setting > Users > click the administrator that you want to change > click ‘Edit’ button – update Administrator’s email address/the login user name

click ‘Change Password’ for changing password

(3) Setup Incoming and Outgoing Email Server

Go to Setting  > Technical > Email > Incoming Mail Servers / Outgoing Mail Servers

(4) User Group

Go to Setting > Users > Groups

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