Data Compass Unlimited becomes the best data recovery hardware, disk imager and data wiping hardware by combining the solutions of both Data Compass and Data Copy King.

  • Recover faulty hard drives & flash drives logically or physically
  • Recover or image files you wanted only
  • Recover or image bad sectors/clicking/unstable drives fast
  • 7GB/min sector by sector hard disk duplication and 8GB/min 999 rounds of data wiping hardware solutions
  • Image/recover data by selective heads
  • Recover Hitachi drives directly bypassing firmware corruption
  • Build-in write blocker protecting source data 100%
  • Easy to handle and fully configurable

Data Copy King is used for disk image, disk wipe, fast HDD auto detection. Hardware and software complex hard drive duplicator with image speed at 6GB/min and wipe speed at 6.6GB/min. DCK is able to be used in the following situations:

  • Good hard drives
  • Hard drives with a lot of bad sectors
  • Hard drives with clicking/unstable heads but still detected in the BIOS
  • Hard drives which are logically damaged

Flash Doctor is used for Data recovey for flash-based storage devices. Hardware-software complex for flash data recovery from the physically damaged flash storage devices when access to the user data is impossible by the native interface realized by the native controller. It handles all models of flash devices with standard TSOP48 housing NAND chip (SD, SM ,MMC, XD, USB Pendrive, MemoryStick, CompactFlash etc.)

Data Compass Premium is used for Duplication/Imaging, Partition/File Recovery, and RAID Analysis and Reconstruction. Hardware-Software Complex with all functions of Data Compass Standard and extra opportunity to deal with raid data recovery (RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 5E and RAID 5EE) if RAID system is:

  • with segment disk(s) missing
  • with parameters and/or configurations corrupted
  • with hardware array card or server system damaged

Data Compass Standardis used for Duplication/Imaging, and Partition/File Recovery. The disk probing equipment bypassing the disk-level problems such as multiple bad sectors, damaged surfaces, malfunctioning head assembly, or corrupted servo info, while in the meantime you can use the default software provided or define any other software you have been familiar with (R-studio, Winhex, any) to perform file recovery. Through the Data Compass, problem drives will become intact hard drives and ready for file recovery attempts.

HD Doctor Drive Restoration Suite is used for Drive Restoration. A set of easy-to-operate tools from SalvationDATA designed for your professional in-lab and on-site data recovery needs.diagnosis and fix firmware failures, media defects, mechanical and electronic issues, forgotten passwords, for drives included in our most comprehensive support list.

HD HPE PRO is used for Drive Disassembling and Head/Platter Exchange. A Must-Have hardware level of HDD repair and data recovery tools, which enables you an easy and exact drive disassembling and HEAD stack/Platter exchange.

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