Cloud Computing Products

Elastic Compute Service

Similar to the way you consume and pay for electricity, gas, water and traditional utilities, Elastic Compute Service (ECS) gives you full control to consume compute resources from the cloud on a pay-as-you-go basis. Users are able to rent computer capacity from Alibaba Cloud in the form of virtual machines known as instances.

With Alibaba Cloud’s Elastic Compute Service (ECS) you can deploy instances with a few clicks via a clean and easy-to-use console, and scale capacity up or down based on your business or web application’s real-time demands. You therefore only pay for the resources you use, and avoid the need to provision expensive IT infrastructure, hire network teams and purchase expensive software.

Alibaba Cloud ECS comes with fast memory and the latest Intel CPUs to help you achieve faster results with low latencies across global data centers to power your cloud applications.

Deploy Globally

Through Alibaba Cloud’s international network of database centers you can deploy and work globally via our ECS service and English-language user console. Alibaba Cloud is also the best option for those seeking elastic compute services in China. As the leading and largest cloud provider in China, Alibaba Cloud provides you access to the same advanced infrastructure that powers Alibaba’s international e-commerce ecosystem and more than two million other companies in China. You can deploy ECS instances from five regional data centers in China, while having access to your entire international cloud infrastructure through a single global account.

In order to access a China-based ECS for your website you will need to first apply for a Chinese ICP license. Alibaba Cloud provides a dedicated team of bilingual experts to help guide you through the ICP license application process.

ApsaraDB for RDS (Relationship Database System)

Alibaba Cloud ApsaraDB for RDS (Relationship Database System) is an on-demand database service that frees you up from the administrative labor of managing a database, and leaves you with more time to focus on your core business. ApsaraDB for RDS is a ready-to-use service that is offered on MySQL, SQL Server and PostgreSQL. RDS handles routine database tasks such as provisioning, patch up, backup, recovery, failure detection and repair.

ApsaraDB for RDS can also protect against network attacks and intercept SQL injections, brute force attacks and other types of database attacks.



● Guarantees up to 99.9% of business availability.

● Provides automatic failover in case primary instances are not available.

● Offers remote and local disaster recovery.

● Ensures reliability with automated backups, snapshots and automatic host replacement.


● Protects against network attacks.

● Provides real-time monitoring of traffic at network entry level.

● Intercepts SQL injection, brute force attacks and other types of database attacks.

● Provides second level data recovery in the case of system failures.

Easy to Use

● Provides real-time monitoring and instance alerts.

● Easy-to-use dashboards allow you to schedule inspections and customize metrics.


● Supports up to 20,000 IOPS and 2TB storage for each instance.

● Supports read-only instances with expandable read capacity using ApsaraDB for RDS for MySQL database.


● Cost-effective and with no upfront cost or long-term commitment.

● Offers flexible payment options including Monthly Subscription and Pay-As-You-Go.

Process Power

Built for Success

Built using Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 v3 processor family, Alibaba Cloud Relational Database Service (RDS) delivers record-breaking performance that gives you the power and capacity to fuel your best business ideas and handle data-demanding and transaction-intensive applications.


Object Storage Service

Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service (OSS) is an easy-to-use service that enables you to store, backup and archive large amounts of data on the cloud. OSS acts as an encrypted central repository from where files can be securely accessed across the globe. OSS guarantees up to 99.9% availability and is a perfect fit for global teams and international project management.

OSS is available at no upfront cost or long-term commitment. You only pay for the actual usage of storage space, network traffic and number of requests processed. Alibaba OSS also comes with no limits on data storage.



  • Guarantees up to 99.9% availability.

  • Reliability of up to 99.99999999% as it stores 3 copies of your objects.


  • Provides multi-level security and protects against DDoS attacks.

  • Monitors illegal logging access.

  • Transfers data over SSL and provides encrypted cloud storage.

  • Enables policies for accessing data and provides secure cloud storage solution.


  • Scales storage capacity based on your application’s real-time requirements.

  • No limit on data storage.

High Performance

  • Quickly and efficiently processes more than 50,000 requests per second.

  • Ensures fast connectivity within region using BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) multi-line network access system.

  • High performance of application as it supports multiple reads/writes simultaneously.

Easy Integration

  • Enables integration with third party software vendors using RESTful APIs.

  • Achieve complex capabilities via seamless integration with other Alibaba Cloud services such as Elastic Compute Service (ECS), and Content Delivery Network (CDN).

Easy to Use

  • Easy-to-use Management Console for different secure cloud storage solutions based on business needs.

  • Easy access to data from anywhere, anytime.





  • No upfront cost or long-term commitments.

  • You only pay for the actual usage of storage space, network traffic and number of requests processed.

Alibaba Cloud Anti-DDoS is a cloud-based security service that safeguards your data and applications from DDoS and Trojan attacks, and provides increased visibility and control over your security measures.

Anti-DDoS allows you to monitor real-time visibility of security breaches, block common attack patterns and provide a network attack prevention firewall. The firewall can effectively block SQL injection, XSS (Cross-Site Scripting) and various types of network attacks.

As an Alibaba Cloud global service, Anti-DDoS enables you to meet stringent security requirements for your cloud hosting architecture without any investment. This service is available to all Alibaba Cloud users free of charge.


Increased Data Protection

● Protects your application and infrastructure from DDoS attacks.

● Ensures safety of sensitive information.

● Quickly identifies vulnerabilities and blocks security threats over the cloud hosting network.

Easy to Deploy

● Easy to deploy and maintain without expensive equipment and complex configuration.

Increased Visibility

● Monitors compliance violations and security breaches.

● Provides real-time visibility of latest threats.

Multi-Layered Defense System

● Ensures protection for application-level attacks.

● Detects unknown attacks such as XSS and SQL injection.

● Provides DDoS protected cloud hosting by implementing security on network layer, host layer and data link layer.

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