Complete Certification to Detect-Investigate-Protect Intellectual Properties In today's world, use of information systems has become mandatory for businesses to perform the day to day functions efficiently. Technology benefits the workplace by increasing productivity and efficiency. Use of Desktop PC's, Laptops, network connectivity including Internet, email is as essential as telephone at workplace. The employees and networked information systems are most valuable assets for any organization. The misuse of Information Systems by employees however poses serious cybercrimes challenges to organizations such as the destruction or theft of data, interruption of network services, downloading copyrighted materials for personal use, retaliating against an employer, access to restricted sites, possession of inappropriate software, installation of computer games and media or compromise of network integrity.  Information technology fraud is so common that organizations should really have some plan in place to respond to it. Many organizations have Policy for dealing with misconduct by staff; however in our experience few of these consider the preservation and analysis of computer evidence. Advance in information technology have made it possible for early identification and continues monitoring of all IT resources. In this course we discuss continues monitoring, identification, prevention, detection and response to IT misuse in organization with the goal of significantly reducing fraud, misuses and errors. 2 Days Hands-on Application Focus Certification During this 2-day Professional Certification, participants will learn how to use key forensic investigative techniques and spot potential problems. Through facilitated sharing, exercises, group discussions and case studies, you will acquire insights on how to identify Intellectual property theft and fraudulent activity where unauthorized employees gain access to sensitive information and misused these sensitive data. it also helps organizations to identify productivitiy challenges by monitoring staff activities such as social media, visit to online gambling , shopping and pornographic sites. Gain expert insights into digital forensic, evidence documentation and protection. This Ceritication program will also cover critical analytical techniques and methodologies adopted by industry in uncovering various types of IT and Intellectual Property fraud. Fraud prevention solutions will also be discussed. A workflow of the general techniques used will also be presented since in most cases, litigation support are crucial in fraud investigation and execution to minimize collateral damages to the company.  What differentiates this workshop from others? 

  • Gain practical insights into Digital Forensic techniques and how to set up preventive measures
  • Learn to identify various symptoms of fraud and other red flags
  • View real-life cases of crimes and how it happened
  • Sharing of prevention techniques, checklists and flowcharts
  • Practical problems and case studies for participants to resolve and discuss as a group
  • Comprehensive workshop with Step-by Step guide


 Who Should Attend? This certification program is specifically design for key decision makers in both government agencies and private sectors including Senior officers from government & not-for- profit sector; Non-IT executives who need to understand computer crime and forensics analysis; GMs, Profit-Centre Managers who have assumed security/IT; Sales & Marketing Managers; Corporate Attorneys / Legal Professionals; Engineers / Technical Managers; Product & Marketing Managers; Project Managers; IT manager; Security supervisor and System administrators. Topics Covered in the 2 Day Certification includes 

  • Introduction to security
  • Computer Crimes in an organization
  • System threats and Risk
  • Building monitoring infrastructure
  • Anti-Security Prevention
  • Fraud detection & investigation
  • Employee Privacy
  • Bypass administrator password
  • Proxy & Disk Wiping
  • Encryption & Steganography
  • Network injection attack
  • Network Monitoring and Information Gathering
  • Advance information gathering and techniques
  • Employee Monitoring Tools and Techniques
  • Call Monitoring & Video surveillance
  • Email and Internet Monitoring
  • Investigation Techniques
  • The Chain of evidence
  • Cloning media Tools
  • Computer Forensics Analysis
  • File repair / Disk repair
  • Physical & Logical recovery
  • Decryption & data recovery methods
  • Implementing Policy and procedures
  • Training and awareness
  • System security administration

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